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Wishing for an angel novel amazon Kayla C. McIntyre Novelist Author

Copyright © Kayla C. McIntyre 2019

Wishing For An Angel

Announcement Date: 1st February 2019

Projected Release Date: 1st April 2020

Amber pulled her duvet up under her chin and tucked her small arms in close to her body. She sighed sorrowfully and looked out the window into the sky. The stars were innumerable tonight and they twinkled back at her, almost making her feel like they were smiling down upon her.


Amber wondered what her future would hold? She was tired of living in her foster home. Although her foster parents were kind and caring, she felt like an outsider and she didn't belong. Amber closed her eyes, flattened the palms of her hands and placed them together under her chin. She prayed. She learnt how to do this in school and every night she prayed the same words, softly speaking so only she could hear. 

"Dear God, please can I have a nice Mummy to cuddle me each night before bed and sing me a song. Please can she love me and smile at me and hold my hand. This is all I want in the whole world. I will try to be a good girl. Love Amber. Amen."

Kayla is excited about writing her second book. She says, “I become emotional when I think about the ending to 'Wishing For An Angel' and my pen has already started writing by itself. I can't put it down." 

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