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The Author

Kayla is in her late forties. She has lived in America, Switzerland, Australia and more recently, the United Kingdom. She currently enjoys the quietness of the country, living close to national parks and beaches. 

For Melody's Child Kayla C. McIntyre Novelist Author

Kayla is a sole parent and easily identifies with the struggles of being a single mother, but also the triumphs of watching her child grow and prosper.


Since giving birth, Kayla became mesmerised by the emotions of a woman’s need to have a child. She has been fascinated and intrigued by this ever since. She believes these emotions are what makes us human and that some women make real sacrifices to have their children. 

This is Kayla’s first published novel and she enjoys writing fictitious stories for women who would love to have a child in their life. She hopes her stories will inspire these ladies. Kayla knows first hand of the sacrifices, but also the contentment of having a child by herself. 

Kayla believes that: Every woman is a ‘Super Hero’.

Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would be writing stories. It’s not something she has forced herself to do, as her pen simply began writing by itself once she got started. 

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