Kayla's Travels

Kayla has traveled extensively and she would love to share her favourite spots with you. 

When Kayla writes, she draws upon all her experiences from her previous travel expeditions. For her, travelling has been the essence of life and has given her many wondrous memories. 

Kayla has experienced earthquakes in Japan and Taipei, been tear gassed when she accidentally got caught up in demonstrations in Seoul in Korea and skydived over the beaches south of Sydney.  She loves adventure. Now, Kayla's adventures are looking after a precious little child.  She wholeheartedly wouldn't change this for all the riches in the world. A simple bike ride turns into an adventure when you look through a child's eyes. 


Kayla would love to share with you some of her favourites...... 

Favourite Beach - Rodney Bay in St Lucia, The Caribbean (I have such fond memories of this beach! Yes, these are my feet!) 

Fav City - London 

Next Fav City - Sydney (It was too hard choosing between these two cities. ;) ) 

Fav Lookout - The Peak in Hong Kong

Fav Scenery - Northumberland, UK (I love the Northern beaches too!)

Fav Scenery - Lake District, UK (A very close second!) 

Fav place oozing in culture - Japan (Japan is out of this world!) 

I can't live without chai tea!!!

Favourite thing to do in the whole universe - cuddling my precious and wonderful child. 

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